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Legal Nurse Consulting Services to Attorneys:


1. Case screening and review for merit

2. A comprehensive review of medical standards and identifying deviations from standards of care

3. Assess for damages and/or injuries

4. Complete interpretation, summarization, organization, and translation of all medical records

5. Identify potential defendants

6. Research and analyze the validity of research studies relied on by all parties

7. Conduct literature searches for authoritative references; add to attorneys medical library


1. Interview clients, key witnesses, and experts

2. Identify and locate expert witnesses

3. Analyze and compare expert witness reports

4. Prepare interrogatories

5. Prepare exhibits, depositions and trial questions

6. Attend depositions, trials, and arbitration/mediation hearings


1. Patient advocacy and health system navigation

2. Develop life care plans

3. Attend independent IME exams


1. Clinical trial oversight

2. New product marketing consultation

3. Fiscal consultation for outpatient wound clinics

4. Facility oversight and education plans for staff

5. Governance consultation for facilities/clinics

6. Education to marketing staff and partnership in new products