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General Testimonials regarding use of CLNC Services---


Whether the task at hand is evaluating new case inquiries in an emerging pharmaceutical mass tort or reading through hundreds of pages of a hospital chart in order to put together a chronology of what happened and when, Legal Nurse Consultants bring invaluable expertise to any firm whose practice requires even a basic knowledge of medicine. I have personally used Legal Nurse Consultants at almost every stage of a case.

A well versed Legal Nurse Consultant can screen damages issues in potential new cases, can help put together medical timelines for use at deposition or at mediation, and, to the attorney who knows more law than medicine, is a constant source of education and insight. Did your client receive the recalled medical device, and did she suffer from the target injuries that prompted the recall? Did the nursing and medical staff attend to your client while hospitalized conform to accepted standards of care? These and a myriad of additional questions can eat up endless attorney time. Leveraging the knowledge base of a Legal Nurse Consultant saves that time and results in better organization and preparation.

Jason Mark
Mark & Associates, P.C.
Uniondale, NY




" I have had the great opportunity to work with Michelle on a professional level many times over the last several years. Michelle has displayed the highest level of integrity, a dedication to excellence in patient care, and a devotion to patient advocacy.  Having Michelle and her Team on your case would be an asset to any firm!"-


Melanie Young, RN, BSN, DPCS

Working in facilities and patients home for many years I’ve noticed a growing need to have cadence and both medical and legal direction. Whitaker, MacGregor, and Associates LLC Have proficiently combined both benefits into one encompassing package. Don’t waste your time choosing different providers when you can have endless quality resources with Michelle, Jeff, and the team!


Abe Carroll,

Owner Cornerstone In-home Care

We were incredibly impressed by Michelle and her Company’s presentation.  She was very thorough in covering COVID-19 and training our crew in Safety and First Aid as well.  She did a very comprehensive job developing our new PPE and first aid kits, including a list of what is all included and where the refills can be found. 

She was truly knowledgeable and had impressive answers for the questions our crew had for her.  We will be using her and the company again for our Safety training!  

Best Regards,

Rogue Valley Roofing, LLC